Clean Air in Your Cab Keep Air­borne Toxins at Bay

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Brand New, Quality Cab Filters

All Tractor Brands and Types

Prompt Service Australia Wide

Powdercoated Frame Lifetime Warranty

New Filters

Filter Supply offers you activated carbon filters to effectively stop toxic substances entering your tractor cab New filters to replace your existing dust filters on your make and model

Renew your rechargable filters

Safety and health

Air purification is a vital factor in Workplace Health and Safety. Airborne agricultural chemicals & biological matter can pose serious risks to your respiratory system.

Without filtering incoming air, a tractor cab can become a gathering­point for these contaminants.

Without an effective filter, the tractor operator can be quickly surrounded by a concentrated atmosphere of toxins!

Carbon Cab Filters

Manufactured and serviced by Filter Supply

We offer

  • New filters ­
  • Re­charge service­ all types ­
  • Custom made ­
  • Range of carbon infills to suit different chemicals ­
  • All tractor brands and types ­
  • Prompt service australia wide ­
  • Powdercoated frame lifetime warranty

Filter Supply filters remove these toxic hazards as they enter a tractor cab's air ­ conditioning system.

The filters have been designed to protect the operator from airborn contaminants

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